Surelock plastics private Ltd. is known for its quality product globally and this has been achieved through best-in-class machineries. Our state of the art manufacturing facility at Silvassa is equipped with all the latest CNC machines in the Tool Room as well as high speed injection molding machines in the production unit. Automation has been an integral part which has been a key to our success and cost competitiveness

Steps towards technology enhancement that have been incorporated at our Silvassa plant:

Pick and Place Robots:

It facilitates consistent productivity throughout the production run by maintaining optimized processing parameters and keeping the process safe.

Moisture conditioning system:

It plays a major role in adverse atmospheric conditions, especially in dry weather when it is important to retain the equilibrium moisture within the product for a longer shelf life. As a result, the company implements the best procedure for producing cable ties produce in the plant.

Raw Material Central Conveying System:

It eliminates manual handling of raw material and its spillage, thereby saving time. Having installed multiple conveying lines for carrying different raw material to the warehouse, each machine gets access to a larger variety of raw material grades for immediate production and change over.

Auto Dozing Equipment:

It is used to add the precise percentage of colored master batch and special purpose additives to each machine. It also helps to manufacture different products of different colors and properties accurately and without human intervention.

Automated Powder Coating Unit:

It takes care of accurate pre heating, automatic powder spraying and curing, which allows accurate and consistent coating film thickness, achieving 100% dimensional stability and assuring a zero chance of error.