Cable Ties - Faq

  • For Indoor Application, Standard Cable Ties are used. For Outdoor Application, Ultra Violet (UV Weather Resistant) cable ties are advisable.
  • For Fire Hazardous areas and in public transportation where safety is the main concern, FR Ties are recommended.
  • For higher temperature up to 125C, Heat Stabilized cable ties are recommended.
  • Application where cable changes are anticipated or need frequent opening, reusable cable ties are recommended.
  • For corrosive climate conditions and temperature up to 538C, Stainless Steel Ties are recommended.
It can be decided base on Bunching Diameter and Load.
Self – life of cable ties is a function of the environment in which they are stored. Perfect storage conditions for a cable tie are 73 F (23C), and 50% RH as per NEMA Guideline. Please click here for more detail...
Cable ties are generally made from Nylon-66 which absorbs and releases moisture based on environmental humidity. Cable ties are moisturized to achieve flexibility, but based on the humid condition in particular region cable ties absorb and release moisture that decides its hardness or softness.
The cable tie is generally checked on tensile strength machine which has a round spindle & once the machine starts after tying the cable tie on spindle diameter, it breaks at some point which determines its maximum strength. Generally all Surelock cable ties have 20% to 30% more tensile strength than the specified load mentioned in the catalogue as per International Standard.
Heat Stabilized Ties which are used for temperature from -40C to +130C, other Nylon 6.6 Cable Tie varieties like standard, UV Black, Fire Retardant can withstand temperature upto -40C to + 85C, whereas uncoated stainless steel ties can withstand -80C to 538C and coated Ties can withstand temperature -80C to +150C.
Yes, Surelock manufactured cable ties are ROHS compliance i.e. lead free including raw material to finished products.
Yes, Surelock Nylon 6.6 cable Ties are UL & CE Marks approved & Stainless Steel Cable Ties are C E & DNV - GL approved. Also have ROHS compliance certificate.
Various tools in plastic and metal are available for nylon 66 and steel ties with the function of tie tensioning and cutting. These tools are to be chosen on the basis of the width and raw material of cable ties.
Surelock Nylon cable ties are available in various packing option of 100 pcs & 1000 pcs bags. Also Value Pack packing is available for small requirement or domestic user. One can select item from website & get quote for further ordering.
All standard varieties of cable ties mentioned in catalogues are available ex-stock, with a maximum delivery period of 2 weeks.
Yes, Surelock Nylon Cable tie have excellent fire safety characteristics of low smoke, low toxicity and no corrosion.
Yes. Surelock is using the Nylon 6.6 Material which are formulated & manufactured to meet the relevant requirements of the U. S. Food and Drugs Administration ( FDA ) regulations as a Material & the Material in Product Form also.
Cable ties made from SS 316, SS 304 & SS 201 Grades. Stainless Steel is designed for harsh, corrosive and salt-water environments. You could use these for low voltage applications, but caution is recommended for high voltage applications.

Security Seal - FAQ

Innovation & designing is our core competency. Understanding typical pilferage issues of customers, Surelock security seals are designed to eliminate tempering complaints. For variety of applications Surelock have unique solution.
Based on end application, Security Seal is required to be selected. The common criteria for selection of right seal is Length, Width, Tensile Load, Marking Space etc. requirement. Tensile Load and Application determine requirement of Security Seal Material.
Yes. We can provide choice of marking such as logo, serial no & barcode. For marking logo JPEG file requires from customer. We guarantee the best laser marking quality with 100% scanner readability.
All security seals dispatched to our valued customers from Surelock are recorded in our database for full traceability. Each Seal having different logo & numbers which are UNIQUE and are not duplicated.