We at Surelock Plastics as a Team consider Sustainability as our Core Focus. Our Organization has adopted a plan for the reduction of pollutant emissions, through the improvement of production efficiency, and actions aimed at respecting People and the Environment. Surelock Plastics is committed to provide a quality service in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our Employees and minimizes our potential impact on the Environment. We shall operate in compliance with all relevant Environmental Legislation, Regulatory & Statutory requirements. We shall strive to use Pollution Prevention and Environmental Best Practices in all we do.

Our success as a business is thus not only achieved through excellence in production and maximum customer satisfaction, but also through our focus on environmental sustainability, meaning the responsibility towards our territory and our employees.

Surelock Plastics strive to continually improve our Environmental Performance and optimize the Social Impact and damage of activities by periodically reviewing our EHS Policy in the light of our current & planned future activities.

Energy Conservation / Efficiency is another Focus Area in which Surelock will take leverage of getting Energy from Non – Renewable Energy Sources like Wind, Solar Light.