Several heavy-duty products may promise to be good with automotive working. A pack of cable ties is one tool that can have a million uses in the automotive field.
Surelock special grade of UV weather resistant cable ties provides high strength and good elasticity , which are used to tie and fix the conductors in the BTS as well as for Antenna cables in Telecom towers.
Surelock offers the highest quality standard of UV cable ties for securing wires and PV cable bundling for outdoor weather condition.
Surelock provides variety of cable tie options like Heat stabilized, Fire retardant, weather resistant, stainless steel etc. for Wind mill where safety & life span of each components is primary concern.
Oil, Gas & Offshore
For fire hazardous and corrosive climatic condition Surelock provides stainless steel cable ties with various options of coating for Anti-corrosive long lasting installation, higher tensile load, low smoke, halogen-free etc application.
Electrical / Electronics
Surelock provides large range of cable ties, Metal tooth ties and stainless steel ties for secure and safe routing of cables and wire harnessing in machines, instruments and trunky projects. Also offers wide range of wiring accessories for different wiring & bunching need.
Surelock Cable Ties, Self-Locking & Interlocking Cable Marker, Hook n Loop Wrap Tie and Tie Mounts are used to organize cables in networking area.
White Goods & Appliances
Surelock fastening system which includes a range of cable ties, identification ties, clamps and cutting tools for wire harnessing and bundling requirement in white goods and appliances.
Logistics & Couriers
With growing E-commerce industries, future of logistics in India is very bright. Surelock offers highly secured security seal & cable ties in wide range for shipping & storage purpose.
Using high-performance materials, Surelock Cable Ties and Mounts can accommodate a wide variety of applications both inside and outside railway engine & wagon.
For Airline baggage, cabin door & food trolley , Surelock security seals provide 100% temper-proof solution.
Ship & Marines
Marine Vessels are built to withstand extreme temperatures, volatile weather, and rough seas. Surelock’s Cable Ties and SS ties are well suited for their reliability, strength and durability whereas Surelock security seals provides highest safety to various Hydraulic Valves & cabin doors.
Drug & Pharma
The safety of pharmaceutical is a necessity for the final consumer. Surelock offers the highest level of security through its range of cable ties and security seals for packaging, storing & logistic requirement.
Chemicals & Refineries
Surelock provides wide range of security seals & cable ties for packaging & transportation requirement of various chemical including highly flammable products.
Retail Chain Stores
Surelock offers a range of cable ties, security seals and twist ties for packaging and security applications in retail chain stroes.
Dairy & Food Processing
Surelock offers stainless steel ties & accessories for anti-corrosion application for wiring inside the plant. For secure transportation of food products & to minimize the risk of contamination, Surelock security seal provides 100% temper proof solution at low cost.
Utilities (water, electricity and gas) are essential services that play a vital role in economic and social development. Surelock offers range of security seals which are the most suitable for meter security – for use with electricity meters, water meters and many other industrial meter applications.
Packaging Industries
Surelock cable ties and security seal provides very economical and low cost solution for variety of packaging requirement for domestic and industrial applications.
Surelock provides stainless steel ties, band and buckles for holding, attaching and securing equipment & machinery in aerospace industry.
Signage & Signals
For hanging traffic signals, roadway signs, street signs, fastening cameras, control boxes and more, Surelock provides high quality, long lasting, strong and adjustable stainless steel band compatible with banding tools and buckles.