About Us

Surelock has come a long way since its foundation in 1998. Our roots as manufacturers and suppliers of cable ties and wiring accessories date back to the time when our iconic founder, Mr. Ramesh Mehta put the first brick to our business in an economy opened up by trade liberalization.

Today, while stepping in to a new era, the reigns of our company as well as our market position has changed. Succeeding in building clientele of over 500 loyal patrons globally, Surelock Plastics has emerged as one of the largest manufacturers of cable ties, security seals and wiring accessories in India, catering to quality conscious and tech-savvy companies worldwide. With an array of products, Surelock serves to automobile, telecom, power, oil and gas, engineering, chemical, pharmaceuticals, logistics and many more industries with productive usage. We believe innovation to be the key to survival in the future and therefore we constantly strive to advance our portfolio with products and designs for customized applications.

It is with an aspiration for superior service accompanied with our relentless efforts that have established Surelock Plastics as a reliable exporter to South Africa, U.S.A and to various countries in the Middle East, Far East, and Europe as well. With an advanced manufacturing facility in Silvassa, our production reaches 5 million cable ties per day. We are an ISO 9001 - 2015, BSI certified company with UL USA certified products. With trust, innovation and quality being our pillars, Surelock Plastics stands as a symbol of excellence.


Mr Ramesh Mehta


Our founder, Mr. Ramesh Mehta, is the epitome of entrepreneurial spirit and determination. A self-made man by all means, Mr. Mehta established Everest Electricals in 1971. Year 1985 witnessed his venture into panel accessories, mainly into nylon parts. Soon he achieved his first milestone by developing 850 items in a span of 10 years. He foresaw the need of a dedicated manufacturing facility for cable ties in India. Accordingly, in the year 1998, the same was set up in Navi Mumbai. As Surelock Plastics developed into a promising company in the cable tie industry, our iconic founder passed on the reigns of his business to his sons.

Mr. Pratik R. Mehta


Being the director of operations and manufacturing processes at Surelock Plastics, Mr. Pratik Mehta adapts to the dynamic market, employs new technology and comes up with modern solutions. Product development innovation has been his forte. Having 35 years of experience in the engineering industry, he has contributed majorly to the quality enhancement of the products.

Mr. Kaushal R. Mehta

Director-Sales and Marketing

They say experience polishes a man. And in the case of Mr. Kaushal Mehta, his experience of over three decades in the marketing field has established him as an expert marketer. He directs product marketing directly to OEM customers, dealers and retailers. For Mr. Kaushal Mehta, success isn’t a one-way tunnel but a multi-faceted approach. His active involvement in directing the team for devising the sales strategy has resulted in tremendous progress over the years.


Corporate Video


  • Establishment of SURELOCK

  • Launched Cable Ties upto 24"length

  • Cable Ties certified by UL

  • Installed High speed Injection Moulding Machines

  • Introduced Security Seal range

  • Constructed New Building for R & D , Tool Room

  • Launched Stainless Steel Ties range

  • Company received ISO 9001-2000 certificate

  • Stainless Steel Ties certified by UL

  • Installed fully Automated Powder Coating plant

  • Cable Ties range expanded upto 40" length

  • Introduced Stainless Steel Bands & buckles

  • Launched Value Series Cable Ties

  • Started Laser Marking department

  • Capacity enhanced to 5 million pieces per day

  • Launched Metal Tooth Ties

  • Commencement of Silvassa Plant

  • Expanded Security Seal range

  • Installed Centralized Material Feeding System

  • Injection Moulding Facility upgraded with Robots